Spontaneity Competition

2016 Spontaneity Competition
Information and Registration

The Spontaneity Competition is an additional and optional competition involving multiple Spontaneous problems. Teams are ranked by division but in each division teams will face the same problems and judges regardless of their long term problem.

The Spontaneity Competition is limited to 20 teams. Teams may sign up for Spontaneity on a first come, first served basis. Additional teams will not be accepted after the event fills. The field is limited to Maryland and DC teams with a valid membership number.

Prior to the event, teams will receive a schedule with the times to arrive and order of spontaneous rooms. Up to seven team members may enter each problem rooms but they will select five members after being told the type of problem. The remaining members may sit quietly in the room or may return to the holding room. A team may compete with less then five team members but may be at a disadvantage.

A coach will be required to wait with the team in the holding area at all times and remain in the holding area while the team competes. Teams are expected to follow all tournament rules while in holding, the hallways and in the competition rooms. Similar to Spontaneous problems at the State Tournament, teams may not discuss details of any problem with anyone until after World Finals.

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