Board of Directors

Association Director
Dr. Joseph Moore, Ph.D., DABR   Odyssey Alumni

Joseph has been involved in Odyssey of the Mind for the last 26 years, 5 years on a team and 21 years of judging (including 10 at World Finals). Joseph’s first Odyssey in the Mind experience was participating as a team member in the 1992-1993 problem Dinosaurs. Joseph competed on a team for 4 more years in the Balsa problem each year placing in the Virginia State Finals. Each of the years since competing, Joseph judged the Balsa problem serving in every judging role (sometimes more than one simultaneously!). Joseph is still active with the Virginia Association as the Balsa Problem Captain for the Rappahannock Region for more than 10 years as well as a Balsa judge at the Virginia State Tournament. Since moving to Maryland in 2011, Joseph has been the Balsa Problem Captain for Maryland as well as a number of different roles on the Board of Directors. When not spending time doing Odyssey of the Mind, Joseph is a Medical Physicist in Radiation Oncology at Johns Hopkins University.

Finance Director
Noah Simmons, Esq.   Odyssey Alumni

Noah has been involved in Odyssey of the Mind since 2001, and is excited about being the Treasurer for DC and MD. Noah competed in Odyssey of the Mind from 2001-2013, including 5 years in Division 4 (college-level) as the founder of the Penn State Odyssey of the Mind team. Although he was an avid balsa builder for many years, in college Noah’s teams participated in multiple Problems, sometimes as many as four in one year! Since graduating college, Noah has volunteered as an OM judge in Pennsylvania, California, and DC/MD. A graduate of Penn State University (BA, ’12) and Yale Law School (JD, ’15), Noah currently works in DC as a corporate lawyer.

Communications Director
Bridget Hubbard   Odyssey Alumni

Bridget has been involved with Odyssey of the Mind since 2005 when she began as a Division II OMer in Pennsylvania.  She competed for 7 years- advancing to PA’s State Tournament 5 times and World Finals 3 times, taking 1st place at Worlds once, and winning the Ranatra Fusca award at all 3 levels of competition. She credits her creativity and her love of story telling to her years competing in Problem 3 (Classics) and is eager to help the next generation of OMers have similarly great experiences.

Bridget moved to the Maryland/DC area in 2014 and is excited to serve on the Board as Secretary and Problem Captain. She is a graduate of Allegheny College and spends her non-Odyssey hours as a Consultant for a higher education research and technology firm in DC.

Tournament Director
Betsy Schow   Odyssey Alumni

Betsy is a motivational non fiction and young adult fantasy author who credits her creativity and success in the field to her involvement in Odyssey of the Mind. She first got started as a Div 1 participant in West Virginia. Since then, she’s worn many crazy hats behind the scenes: Coach, Mother of an Omer, Judge, Officials Coordinator, Tournament Director, and Co-Association Director. Fresh off from a move from Utah, Betsy is excited to join the MD/DC board as Training Director and help coaches and judges alike discover what sort of creativity lurks outside the box.

Membership Director
Brittany Hance   Odyssey Alumni

My name is Brittany Hance and I am originally from the Sun Region of Southwest Florida! I have 15 years of experience in Odyssey (8 competing Primary through Div. III and 7 judging) and I’m very excited to work with Odyssey in the DMV! I came here after completing my BFA in Fine Arts Photography at USF and I’m currently on contract with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History as a Photographer. I owe so much of the person I am today to OM. It helped me remember that even as a child, my ideas are valid and as a team, we can do anything.

Problem Captains

Spontaneous Problem Captain
Jacquelyn Blevins, MS-IST, MBA-MIS

Jacquie joined Odyssey of the Mind as a judge in Delaware in the Spontaneous competition approximately 10 years ago. In 2017, she was named President/Association Director of DELCAPS, Delaware Odyssey of the Mind after serving as a judge, Spontaneous Problem Captain, Regional Tournament Director, State Tournament Director and Director of State Tournaments. Jacquie was nominated to the Shadow Program at the 2015 World Finals Competition at Michigan State University. When she is not volunteering with Odyssey of the Mind, Jacquie is a Pupil Accounting Coordinator/Software Technologist with Smyrna School District in Delaware and an Adjunct Professor with Chesapeake College in Maryland. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and is excited to join the MD/DC association as a PC and return to the Spontaneous Competition arena.


Problem 1: OMER to the Rescue Again
Dylan Outtrim   Odyssey Alumni


Problem 2: Hide In Plain Sight
Brittany Hance   Odyssey Alumni

See above.


Problem 3: Classics… Leonardo’s Workshop
Bridget Hubbard   Odyssey Alumni

See above.


Problem 4: Structure Toss
Noah Simmons   Odyssey Alumni

See above.

Problem 5: Opposites Distract

Dr. Breanne Prisco, Ed.D.

Brea began her Odyssey career in 2012 as a Problem 5 performance style judge, head judge, and then PC all within one season. She joined the Delaware OM Board as secretary in 2017 and the Maryland OM association as the Problem 5 PC in 2018. Brea is an English teacher in Delaware as well as a freelance editor. She also enjoys reading, napping, traveling, and trying new coffees and foods.


Primary Problem: Museum Makers
Brittany Hance Odyssey Alumni

See above.


Score Room Captain
Jarom Schow

Other Supporting Members

Anthony Prisco, MS Odyssey Alumni

Anthony started his experience with Odyssey of the Mind as a Division I competitor in New York. As a competitor, Anthony and his team presented solutions in the Vehicle, Technical, Classics, and Performance problems (sorry balsa!) in Divisions I, II, and III, earning a trip to World Finals in 2001. After a brief hiatus during college, Anthony started judging in Delaware, eventually holding the positions of Classics Problem Captain, Regional Tournament Director, and Judges Coordinator, in addition to serving as the webmaster of both the Delaware and Maryland/DC Odyssey of the Mind association websites.

When not managing our website, Anthony pays his bills as a physics teacher in Laurel, Delaware.

If you find anything that doesn’t seem quite right on this site, you should let him know!

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