Board of Directors

Association Director
Dr. Joseph Moore, Ph.D., DABR   Odyssey Alumni

Joseph has been involved in Odyssey of the Mind for the last 29 years, 5 years on a team and 24 years of judging (including 12 at World Finals). Joseph’s first Odyssey in the Mind experience was participating as a team member in the 1992-1993 problem Dinosaurs. Joseph competed on a team for 4 more years in the Balsa problem each year placing in the Virginia State Finals. Each of the years since competing, Joseph judged the Balsa problem serving in every judging role (sometimes more than one simultaneously!). Joseph is still active with the Virginia Association as the Balsa Problem Captain for the Rappahannock Region for more than 10 years as well as a Balsa judge at the Virginia State Tournament. Since moving to Maryland in 2011, Joseph has been the Balsa Problem Captain for Maryland as well as a number of different roles on the Board of Directors. When not spending time doing Odyssey of the Mind, Joseph is a Medical Physicist in Radiation Oncology at Johns Hopkins University.

Finance Director
Erica Hennes   Odyssey Alumni

Erica first started competing in Odyssey of the Mind in 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina. In her seven years as a team member, she competed in the Technical, Classics, and Performance Problems. Her team went to World Finals thrice and competed in six problems total, placing second in the Performance Problem in 2015. Since then, Erica has stayed active as a Performance Problem Long-Term and Head Judge in the Central and Eastern Regions of NCOM. She has now judged thrice at World Finals. She moved to DC in 2019 and joined the Maryland Board, serving in a number of roles over the course of her tenure. Erica graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2019 and currently works in policy at NIH.

Communications Director
Audrey Benford Odyssey Alumni

Audrey has been a part of Odyssey of the Mind since 2011 when she participated in her first Primary Division play. Ever since then Odyssey has been a large part of her life and she always tries to involve outside of the box thinking every day. She has been to World Finals 3 times and her team won the Ranatra Fusca at the Maryland State level in 2016. She has since moved on to coaching and won the Omer Award in 2018 for being the first teen coach! She is excited to be on the Board this year as the Communications Director. She is currently a junior at Winston Churchill High School.

Tournament Director
Bridget Hubbard Odyssey Alumni

Bridget has been involved with Odyssey of the Mind since 2005 when she began as a Division II OMer in Pennsylvania.  She competed for 7 years- advancing to PA’s State Tournament 5 times and World Finals 3 times, taking 1st place at Worlds once, and winning the Ranatra Fusca award at all 3 levels of competition. She credits her creativity and her love of story telling to her years competing in Problem 3 (Classics) and is eager to help the next generation of OMers have similarly great experiences.

Bridget moved to the Maryland/DC area in 2014 and is excited to serve on the Board as Tournament Director and Problem Captain. She is a graduate of Allegheny College and spends her non-Odyssey hours as a Consultant for a higher education research and technology firm in DC.

Membership Director
Doug George

Doug has been involved with creative problem solving organizations since 2009. He has primarily served as a coach, but has also volunteered as a judge and assisted with many behind the scenes administrative tasks. He has the unique perspective of being involved with Odyssey of the Mind as well as other similar organizations. Doug is a graduate of Georgia Tech and currently works as the Operations Manager at a Maryland technology company.

Problem Captains

Spontaneous Problem Captain  Odyssey Alumni


Problem 1: Pirates and the Treasure
Kee Tang   Odyssey Alumni


Problem 2: Because iCan

Val Keithly   Odyssey Alumni


Problem 3: Classics…The Walls of Troy
Beth Nelting   Odyssey Alumni


Problem 4: Where’s the Structure?

Gezelle Osea   Odyssey Alumni


Problem 5: The Most Dramatic Problem Ever!!!

Ryan Blackman  Odyssey Alumni


Primary Problem: Dinos on Parade!
Ryan Blackman Odyssey Alumni


Score Room Captain
Joy Stephenson

Other Supporting Members

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