Membership Options

Traditional Membership – This is our in-person competition membership allowing for one team per problem and division as qualified.  Individual teams may choose to compete in the Traditional platform or Virtual platform.  You cannot enter two teams in the same Problem and Division even if one is Traditional and one is Virtual.  In the event an on-site tournament is not available a Virtual Competition for Traditional Teams will be provided.  These teams can advance to an in-person event, such as a traditional Association Finals and World Finals, when safe and legal.  If not deemed safe and legal, a virtual Association Finals and a Virtual World Finals will be provided under the Traditional platform.  Once a team competes in a competition, under its chosen platform (Traditional or Virtual), it is limited to that platform for the rest of the membership year.

Single Traditional Membership$135 and you must be sponsored by:

  • Individual Schools
  • More than 1 School Sharing Principal -register in school district name
  • Homeschools
  • Community Groups
  • College/University

Virtual Membership – A virtual option is being offered by the national organization. Please find more information here.

Single Team Virtual Membership$100

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