Team Registration

A quick guide on how to register your school for MD/DC Odyssey of the Mind: 

Registrations are done on the National Odyssey of the Mind site,  You can register from the “Join!” tab: 

Follow the prompts to submit registration information and payment for your membership packet. 


From the national website,, click on Teams, Member Area:

Enter your Membership number, and the zip code that your membership was registered with.

Once logged in, there will be a link for Team Registration in the list of links under “Membership”.

Follow the prompts to get your teams registered. You will get a confirmation e-mail once it is in the system.

Team registration is not complete until the tournament registration is paid and the required officials are registered.

Payment can be made by credit card or by mail to the address included in the confirmation email.  Please ensure that the membership number and problem number are included with any payment

All officials must attend Judges Training prior to the State Tournament!!!


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