Welcome new and returning coaches! We are excited you are here as you are a critical part of the mission to teach students how to develop and use their natural creativity to become problem solvers. We hope the resources below help you on your coaching journey.

What is Odyssey?

Learn the ins and outs of coaching from your first team meeting through Tournament Day!

Check out Odyssey Academy HERE!

Program Guide

The Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide will provide all the information you need to know to coach a team within the required rules and regulations.

MD-DC Coaching Guide

The Maryland and Washington DC Coaching Guide includes everything you need to know about coaching in this association. Learn more below!

Problem Synopses

Every year the long-term problem synopsis are posted on the Odyssey of the Mind HQ website. Full long-term problems are provided with your registration.

Outside Assistance

Get the 411 on outside assistance using the resource below provided by Odyssey of the Mind HQ. Remember, all solutions must come from team members only!

Required Forms

Each long-term problem requires specific forms to help the judges score your team. Make sure you bring all the required forms on competition day!


Need some clarification on your team’s long-term problem? Check out the official clarifications from Odyssey of the Mind HQ for more info.

Common Questions

Have some questions? Check out the common questions provided by Odyssey of the Mind HQ and get some answers. Still have questions? Contact us below.

Spontaneous Problems

Spontaneous is just as important as your team’s long-term problem. The best way to improve? Practice, practice, practice. Get some practice problems below.

Division Finder

Odyssey of the Mind has four different divisions that teams compete in. Not sure which division your team should be in? Check out the tool provided by HQ below.

Still have questions and want to reach out? Contact us by clicking the button to the right, fill out the form, and we will be in touch!

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